Terence’s Speech in Support of the National Lyme Disease Strategy Legislation

“Reported Lyme disease cases in Canada increased from 30 in 2003 to over 300 in 2012, and these numbers are expected to rise even further as ticks responsible for Lyme disease move into Canada’s most densely populated areas,” said Terence. “These numbers will also rise as conditions thought to be something else are increasingly correctly diagnosed as Lyme Disease.”

“If caught early Lyme disease can be cured, the bacteria eliminated by common antibiotics like erythromycin. But once the spirochetes invade the cells, it is difficult to kill them... An early and accurate diagnosis is key,” continued Terence.

Read the complete Mar. 3, 2014 speech (PDF, 1.5MB).

Terence Endorses Vanessa’s Law in the House of Commons

On March 28, 2014, after fourteen years, Terence told Vanessa’s story in the House of Commons as the Bill C- 17 reached its Second Reading debate. Once implemented, the Bill will save thousands of lives by reducing adverse drug reactions.

“I thank the people of Oakville for sending me to Ottawa to do this work,” said Terence.

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Canada and South Korea Conclude Negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement

Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced that Canada and the Republic of Korea have concluded negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement that will boost trade and investment between the two countries, creating jobs and opportunities for Canadians in every region of the country. The Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement will benefit a wide range of sectors, including industrial goods (e.g. chemicals and plastics, information and communications technology, aerospace, metals and minerals, etc.), agricultural and agri-food products, wine and spirits, fish and seafood, and wood and forestry products. The Agreement has the support of Canadian businesses and the associations that represent them.

Read what Canadian industry leaders say about this important foreign trade development.

What a Great Canadian Success Story!

Terence recently rose in the House of Commons to congratulate Tim Horton’s.

The maker of Canada’s favourite cup of coffee announced they were opening 500 new Canadian locations – 255 this year only – and 300 locations in the U.S. by 2018.

In addition, Tim Horton’s has reported a successful start of their expansion into the Persian Gulf region where, in the same period, they plan to add 220 locations.

Tim Horton’s is headquartered right here in Oakville. Visit their Web site to read more about the five-year Winning In The New Era strategic roadmap.

Terence Urges Creation of National Registry to Track Unnatural Deaths

In his interview with Douglas Quan of Postmedia News, published January 24, 2014, Terence said he would like to see the creation of a national registry to track causes of all unnatural deaths in Canada. The interview follows a Postmedia News study and a 6-part series examining Canada’s patchwork system of coroner’s inquests and fatality inquiries.

Terence also suggested that the auditor general of Canada could be tapped to monitor federal agencies’ responses to recommendations from inquests and inquiries.

“Coroners’ reports with recommendations, once they’ve been replied to are basically a dead letter. No one follows up... It’s a very big problem,” Terence said. “All the organizations that get them should be more accountable.”

Postmedia’s investigation found that scores of recommendations from inquests and inquiries over the years have gone unheeded or ignored, despite their potential to prevent future deaths.

In the interview, Terence cites a number of inquiries starting with the 2001 inquiry into the death of his daughter Vanessa. The resulting recommendations, for the most part, went unheeded, prompting Terence to initiate a process that ultimately led to the introduction of Vanessa’s Law in December 2013.

That’s why he thinks the auditor general’s office could be “ideal” for monitoring federal agencies’ compliance with inquest recommendations. “When they publish their reports everyone sits down, everyone in Ottawa pays close attention,” Terence said.

You can read full interview and the complete Postmedia News Series on Canada.com.

Parliamentary Expense Report

To further demonstrate the Conservative Party’s commitment to transparency and accountability, Terence will be posting travel and hospitality expenses on this website on a regular basis. The current report represents expenditures from January 1 to March 31, 2014. Previous report can be viewed here.