A Special Thank You to my Constituents

If you live in Oakville and are one of my constituents — thank you! The election will be called very soon, so the next time you hear from me may be as a candidate.

I love my job as Member of Parliament for Oakville, working for you. Every day is different and interesting. It is an honour to sit in the House of Commons. No matter which parliamentary committee I am asked to serve on I find important matters to work on, and I find I can be effective.

  • In this Parliament I was able to get my own initiative, C-17 Vanessa’s Law passed unanimously in both houses, which provides very significant powers to Health Canada to keep Canadians safer when using prescription drugs.
  • On the Status of Women Committee I made a motion to study eating disorders, which provided an excellent report on the needs of patients and the patchwork of services those patients are getting across Canada.
  • I seconded the Private Member’s Bill from Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to establish a much-needed national framework to address Lyme Disease which also became law.
  • While on the Standing Committee on Health, I spent weeks studying the health effects of marijuana, particularly amongst our youth. The result is a shocking report on this supposedly harmless drug.
  • I initiated a study on dance in Canada, which will be a very helpful report to establish the importance of dance as an art form, and for physical health and cultural expression across Canada.

These are just a few of my initiatives on your behalf. I would like to do more.

If you decide to send me back to Ottawa after the October election I intend to re-introduce my Private Member’s Bill C-648 to ensure Canadians who use radiation-emitting devices like cellular phones, wi-fi and tablets, receive safety warnings and tips on how to use them safely. It already has all-party support!

I will also focus on Vanessa’s Law to help ensure the powers therein are used to keep Canadians safe when using prescription drugs. That task is far from done.

Of course, I will also continue to support my party and leader, who has done a brilliant job of handling our economy through the great recession, balancing our budget, and planning Canada’s future of trade with Europe, China, India and the Pacific nations, as well as keeping Canadians safe.

Terence Young

A Major Road-under-Rail Project for Burloak Drive

When Terence was elected in 2008, his goal was to get Oakville’s fair share of federal infrastructure investments. “I’m happy to say I succeeded, with $15M towards the Oakville Transit Facility, $20,550,000 towards the Oakville GO Parking Structure, $16,733,333 towards the Oakville Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant, and many other Oakville projects,” says Terence.

Burloak Crossing

“That’s why was pleased to announce a $100 million infrastructure investment between Scarborough and Oakville. Behind me in this picture is one of the busiest level crossings in Canada, which will soon be transformed into an underpass — reducing congestion caused by crossing trains and increasing the safety of commuters.”

What is Really at Stake This Election?

(It may not be what you think)

On July 22nd NDP MP and Finance Critic Nathan Cullen announced that his party wanted to form a coalition government with the Liberals to topple the Conservative government if the NDP don’t win a majority in October.

A few days ago, Toronto Star reported that a majority of Liberal supporters would support a NDP/Liberal coalition if the Conservatives fail to form a majority government. Clearly this is nothing like the Liberal party of Paul Martin or Jean Chretien.

None of this is a surprise to insiders in Ottawa. It was only a matter of time until the coalition beast reared its head again. Most recently, in 2008, a month after a general election where the NDP and Liberals ran on different platforms and lost, they tried to seize power in Canada by signing a coalition agreement with the separatist Bloc Party. One can only imagine what kind of nightmarish separatist government would have resulted had this attempted coup been allowed to succeed. Justin Trudeau signed that coalition agreement.

Since the NDP have never had a federal majority or even come close, it’s clear their true goal in this election is a coalition socialist government. But, based on coalition socialist governments in southern Europe and elsewhere, if the 2008 coalition deal had succeeded we’d have debt and deficits like those experienced in Spain, Portugal or Italy by now. We’d be borrowing to pay our debts. Our credit rating would be downgraded. We’d have far higher taxes, much higher unemployment, and dysfunctional governance. That’s what happened over the course of five years of NDP government in Ontario. And that’s what would happen to Canada. Remember Rae Days?

“If you think I may be exaggerating,” says Terence, “look at the informal coalition formed by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and NDP Leader David Lewis in 1972-1974. The massive spending, deficits and debt started in those years ended up costing Canadians taxpayers a trillion dollars in interest by the year 2000.” (Source: The Truth about Trudeau, Bob Plamondon.)

Instead, under the Conservative government with Prime Minister Harper we have: (1) a balanced budget, (2) the most stable banking system in the world, (3) the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in the G7, (4) free trade agreements in place or in process with thirty-nine more countries! All these are matters well managed by good Conservative governance.

And with the world’s eleventh largest economy and the huge potential from new trade deals Canada’s future is very bright. But only if we stay on track.

Do you want to pay much higher income taxes? The opposition parties are promoting the politics of division; i.e. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are targeting high income earners with a 4% increase in personal taxes. They would also cancel income-splitting for families, and reduce the $10,000 limit on tax-free savings accounts. And that’s just what they admit to! They also want to raise your cost of gasoline and home heating fuel with a carbon tax. The NDP would be the same or worse.

But the greatest danger to Canada’s financial stability and the well-managed finances that pay for our cherished social services is the proposed coalition of the left, where the NDP and Liberals would try to outdo each other in spending and borrowing billions. We must make no mistake: there are no imaginary wealthy companies that are going to pay billions more in taxes for the vast array of spending promises the other parties are making now, and would under a coalition, nor the mountains of interest. It will be us, and our children, and grandchildren. That’s what’s really at stake in the October election.

Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)

Universal child care benefit

On January 1, 2015, the UCCB was expanded to include a new benefit for children aged 6 through 17, and the payments that parents receive for children under the age of 6 were increased.

If you are the parent of a newborn and applied in 2015, are already receiving UCCB, or have previously applied for, or received the CCTB or the UCCB for a child or children who are under 18 and who are still in your care, you don’t need to apply — the increase will be applied automatically.

You need to apply if you have never applied for, or received, the CCTB or UCCB for a child or children in your care who are under the age of 18. Click on the picture to visit the UCCB Web site and learn more!

Canadian Hemochromatosis Society

On May 12, 2015, Terence attended a reception in Parliament for the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society, hosted by Senator David Wells. “I am very fortunate that I know I have hemochromatosis, am treating it, and can avoid suffering the consequences,” says Sen. Wells, one of 125,000 Canadians who suffer from this common, but little-known genetic disorder. “It is vitally important for Canadians, especially those in the higher risk groups, to be aware of the warning signs and get tested if needed.”

Hereditary hemochromatosis (HHC), or iron overload, is an inherited disorder that causes the body to absorb two to three times the normal amount of iron. Over the years, the excess iron builds up in the vital organs, joints and tissues where it can cause a number of debilitating and potentially fatal conditions such as liver and heart disease, diabetes, impotence and arthritis. Also known as the “Celtic curse,” it is most frequently seen in Canadians whose families have come from Northern Europe, in particular, France , Ireland & the UK. It is estimated that 1 in 9 people of Northern European descent are carriers.

To learn more, read the Society’s Press Release, or visit www.toomuchiron.ca.

Terence’s Interview on the Drew Marshall Show

Don’t miss this radio interview where Terence tells what it was like in the caucus room when the terrorist attacked, how he got Vanessa’s Law passed, and how it keeps Canadians safer... Listen to the whole Nov. 15 interview on the Drew Marshall Show Web site.