Canada Day!

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Canadian Hemochromatosis Society

Hematochromatosis Society Reception

On May 12, 2015, Terence attended a reception in Parliament for the Canadian Hemochromatosis Society, hosted by Senator David Wells. “I am very fortunate that I know I have hemochromatosis, am treating it, and can avoid suffering the consequences,” says Sen. Wells, one of 125,000 Canadians who suffer from this common, but little-known genetic disorder. “It is vitally important for Canadians, especially those in the higher risk groups, to be aware of the warning signs and get tested if needed.”

Hereditary hemochromatosis (HHC), or iron overload, is an inherited disorder that causes the body to absorb two to three times the normal amount of iron. Over the years, the excess iron builds up in the vital organs, joints and tissues where it can cause a number of debilitating and potentially fatal conditions such as liver and heart disease, diabetes, impotence and arthritis. Also known as the “Celtic curse,” it is most frequently seen in Canadians whose families have come from Northern Europe, in particular, France , Ireland & the UK. It is estimated that 1 in 9 people of Northern European descent are carriers.

To learn more, read the Society’s Press Release, or visit www.toomuchiron.ca.

Ten Reasons why TFSAs are Good for Canadians

In his May 14, 2015 speech in the House of Commons, Terence emphasized one of the most significant initiatives in this year’s budget — the initiative to increase the limit on contributions to Tax-free Savings Accounts (TFSA) to $10,000 per year.

“Tax-free savings accounts are the most powerful savings vehicle in Canadian history,” said Terence. “They will allow hundreds of thousands of ordinary working people to actually become millionaires – to conserve their earnings, build personal wealth, and be financially independent in their senior years.”

Countering the Liberal claim that this initiative favours the rich, Terence pointed out: “Sixty percent of those Canadians who have invested the maximum in tax-free savings accounts to date earn less than $60,000 a year. By whose standards are these people rich? No one’s! And more than half of the Canadians who have opened tax-free savings accounts and have saved in them earn $40,000 a year or less. That is 5.5 million people. Are they rich? Certainly not!”

Read the complete speech here...

Why Does Canada Need Bill C-51?

Here is an eloquent description of why Canada needs Bill C-51 from Louise Vincent, the sister of Warrant officer Patrice Vincent who was murdered by a terrorist on October 20, 2014.

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Terence’ Statement on Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards

Member’s Statement, February 23, 2015

“Mr. Speaker,
The world is waking up to the potential health risks from Electromagnetic Radiation from cellular phones, WiFi, baby monitors, iPads and other tablets.

• France banned WiFi in daycare centres and elementary schools and, for older children, teachers must turn off WiFi when it’s not being used for teaching.

• The Israeli Knesset has ordered radiation testing in all Israeli schools, banned WiFi from pre-schools and kindergartens, and restricted its use to one hour a day for students up to Grade 3.

• Taiwanese lawmakers have banned the use of electronic devices for children under two. Parents who allow older children to use iPads and smartphones face fines.

“Oakville-based Canadians for Safe Technology are on the Hill today with cancer expert Dr. Anthony Miller to address the potential harms from wireless radiation.

“Manufacturers’ safety warnings are hidden in fine print in tiny booklets most users never see. My Private Member’s Bill C-648 will make sure Canadians can see the safety warnings they deserve to see, so they can use wireless devices safely.”

Introducing Warning Labels Bill

Terence Introduces Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act

At a media conference with Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), held January 21, 2015, Terence introduced his Private Member’s Bill C-648, An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health Risks from Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation (Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act). Canadians for Safe Technology is a grass roots national organization of citizens based in Oakville, and Terence was joined by Frank Clegg, the President, and Wendy Cockburn, the national director of C4ST.

“The purpose of Bill C-648 is to protect Canadians, by changing the way we think about cellular telephones, Wi-fi, portable telephones, baby monitors and other wireless devices,” said Terence in his opening remarks, “by empowering them with the information they need to understand potential serious risks to their health from long term and continuous use of these devices, AND the greater risks to children.”

“The antennae of this device,” said Terence showing his BlackBerry, “is on the back so note that the case that holds it will only allow it to be placed in the case with the back out. That’s a good thing, as the radiation does not go through your organs. So, the manufacturer has done the right thing, WITHOUT MENTIONING WHY TO ITS CUSTOMERS.”

Read the complete Opening Remarks, or watch them on CTV. Visit Terence’s Bill page on C4ST Web site. And, here are the warnings from your cell manufacturers that you must see!

75th Anniversary Commemorative Pin

WWII Veterans Commemoration

On September 10, 2014, the Government of Canada announced a new national tribute to mark the 75th anniversary of Canada’s engagement in the Second World War. As part of Canada’s World Wars Commemoration period, all living Canadian Veterans of the Second World War are eligible to receive a limited-edition commemorative lapel pin and a certificate of recognition.

Living Veterans of the Second World War, including any Canadian or Newfoundlander who served at least one day with Canadian forces or any other Allied force, including the Canadian or British Merchant Navy, are eligible to receive the tribute lapel pin and certificate.

Eligible Veterans may apply online at this page on Veterans Affairs Canada Web site, or download, print, fill in and submit the application form.

Terence’s Interview on the Drew Marshall Show

Don’t miss this radio interview where Terence tells what it was like in the caucus room when the terrorist attacked, how he got Vanessa’s Law passed, and how it keeps Canadians safer... Listen to the whole Nov. 15 interview on the Drew Marshall Show Web site.

Inside the Caucus Room During the Attack on Parliament

“I should start by saying that the first responsibility of any government is to protect its people,” writes Terence. “That comes before commerce, education, healthcare... anything. I commit to you to do my utmost as your MP to keep you and your family safe. I’ve had many conversations with my caucus colleagues in the last three days and can verify that all government caucus members feel the same way. However, all the experts are telling us that Jihadists are fighting a new kind of war, and the actions of lone wolf terrorists, taking direction from Jihadists in other countries or here in Canada on the Internet, are very difficult to predict and protect against. The danger is here; it is real and is not going to go away in the near future. We must be vigilant.

“I was always told that gun shots don’t really sound like they do in the movies, they make a popping sound. That is not true. These shots sounded exactly like the movies, except louder, thundering in the hallway. Caucus members began moving immediately towards the doors. There was no panic. We just moved quickly. The Prime Minister, who has been trained on what to do in such a case, moved to the door to our right where his two RCMP security guards always stand outside, and exited...”

Read Terence’s full account of the attack...

Parliamentary Expense Report

To further demonstrate the Conservative Party’s commitment to transparency and accountability, Terence will be posting travel and hospitality expenses on this website on a regular basis. The current report represents expenditures from January 1 to March 31, 2014. Previous report can be viewed here.