Inside the Caucus Room During the Attack on Parliament

“I should start by saying that the first responsibility of any government is to protect its people,” writes Terence. “That comes before commerce, education, healthcare... anything. I commit to you to do my utmost as your MP to keep you and your family safe. I’ve had many conversations with my caucus colleagues in the last three days and can verify that all government caucus members feel the same way. However, all the experts are telling us that Jihadists are fighting a new kind of war, and the actions of lone wolf terrorists, taking direction from Jihadists in other countries or here in Canada on the Internet, are very difficult to predict and protect against. The danger is here; it is real and is not going to go away in the near future. We must be vigilant.

“I was always told that gun shots don’t really sound like they do in the movies, they make a popping sound. That is not true. These shots sounded exactly like the movies, except louder, thundering in the hallway. Caucus members began moving immediately towards the doors. There was no panic. We just moved quickly. The Prime Minister, who has been trained on what to do in such a case, moved to the door to our right where his two RCMP security guards always stand outside, and exited...”

Watch the brief video of the Prime Minister’s speech on terrorism in the House of Commons (and the amazing standing ovation for Kevin Vickers, our Sergeant-at-Arms), and read Terence’s full account of the attack...

Terence’s Speech in Support of the National Lyme Disease Strategy Legislation

“Reported Lyme disease cases in Canada increased from 30 in 2003 to over 300 in 2012, and these numbers are expected to rise even further as ticks responsible for Lyme disease move into Canada’s most densely populated areas,” said Terence. “These numbers will also rise as conditions thought to be something else are increasingly correctly diagnosed as Lyme Disease.”

“If caught early Lyme disease can be cured, the bacteria eliminated by common antibiotics like erythromycin. But once the spirochetes invade the cells, it is difficult to kill them... An early and accurate diagnosis is key,” continued Terence.

Read the complete Mar. 3, 2014 speech (PDF, 1.5MB).

Terence Endorses Vanessa’s Law in the House of Commons

On March 28, 2014, after fourteen years, Terence told Vanessa’s story in the House of Commons as the Bill C- 17 reached its Second Reading debate. Once implemented, the Bill will save thousands of lives by reducing adverse drug reactions.

“I thank the people of Oakville for sending me to Ottawa to do this work,” said Terence.

Read the whole speech...

What a Great Canadian Success Story!

Terence recently rose in the House of Commons to congratulate Tim Horton’s.

The maker of Canada’s favourite cup of coffee announced they were opening 500 new Canadian locations – 255 this year only – and 300 locations in the U.S. by 2018.

In addition, Tim Horton’s has reported a successful start of their expansion into the Persian Gulf region where, in the same period, they plan to add 220 locations.

Tim Horton’s is headquartered right here in Oakville. Visit their Web site to read more about the five-year Winning In The New Era strategic roadmap.

Parliamentary Expense Report

To further demonstrate the Conservative Party’s commitment to transparency and accountability, Terence will be posting travel and hospitality expenses on this website on a regular basis. The current report represents expenditures from January 1 to March 31, 2014. Previous report can be viewed here.